• Art Club: This is a new club started by two students in 2012.  Students meet after school once a week in the art room and work on projects using different media.  Open to all students in good standing.
  • Book Club: Is open to all students in good standing. Students will take part in choosing, reading and discussing books with their peers and staff.
  • Drama Club: Drama club is open to all grades and explores the different aspects of production: acting, staffing, reading, role-playing, etc.  During the year, a scripted play will be cast and performed for the public.
  • Forensics: Forensics is an experience in public speaking.  Students from all grade levels are welcome.  This activity will increase poise, self-confidence, and is fun...participants practice with coaches and choose categories such as poetry, prose, news reporting, sole acting, group interpretation, and others.  This is a winter club with competitions in February.
  • Lego League: First Lego League, more often referred to as FLL, is a program that has been designated to get children excited about science and technology.  Each year FLL teams from around the world work towards solving the current challenge using a variety of skills they have learned in the classroom.  In addition to using science and technology, participants will learn how to work together as a team.  Team members are challenged to explore an actual problem that today's scientists and engineers are trying to solve, develop an innovative solution to that problem, and share their findings at a regional competition.
  • Ski Club: There will be multiple trips to Nordic Mountain, weather permitting.  Students from all grade levels are welcome to come and enjoy skiing or snowboarding.
  • Student Council: The purpose of the Webster Stanley Middle School Student Council is to support the educational climate of the school by providing extracurricular activities and services such as: socials/dances, concessions, special days, fund raisers, and other activities to promote school spirit.  Any Webster student may fill out and submit qualification papers to be on student council.
  • Student Newspaper: Students write articles, take pictures, and report on topics of interest to them. This fun, creative activity is open to all students.  
  • Yearbook: All students are invited to work on taking, sorting, and identifying pictures, planning layouts, and organizing the book.  The work is done at noon or after school starting in the fall. 

Webster Stanley Middle School has the following sports for 7th and 8th grade students:

  • Volleyball: Sept.-Oct.
  • Cross Country: Sept.-Oct.
  • Boys Basketball: Oct.-Dec.
  • 8th Grade Girls Dance: Oct.-Dec.
  • Girls Basketball: Dec.-Feb.
  • Wrestling: Feb.-Apr.
  • Track: Apr.-May
Note: 6th graders can participate in Cross-Country and Wrestling only.

Sports Schedules:
Please check our Webster calendar for sporting events!